Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Final volunteer training was tonight

in one of my former classrooms at CSU - that was strange!

It started out really crappy - I was told the room would have EVERYTHING it needed for me to do my thing with power point.

In reality, everything BUT a laptop was there. I could have brought a laptop, had I known I needed one! I even called to see if everything was in order...and was assured everything was fine. It wasn't.

It did get ironed out though, after much persuasive, yet civil convincing on my part to the poor hapless soul at Classroom Media.

There was seating for 147.... but only about 20-25 ppl there. Yeah, I'd hoped for more, but I think this is all going to work just fine.

It has to.

The Boss keeps telling me, "Your job is not the results part, it is getting us to the point where we can attempt to collect results....." Which, logically, I know, but emotionally, I fear being connected with a giant FLOP.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

The count is Monday and Tuesday. Clock is ticking...heart is pounding.

Can't wait to say, "It is finished - now pour me a drink and keep 'em coming!"

Aww, not really....well, maybe a few ;-) But in all seriousness, I do anticipate a rather large wrap party. So many people have bolstered me through this, most of them people I'd never met before this project. They deserve to know how much it means to me!

Friends for life are the ones who share the heart, I say.

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