Friday, August 18, 2006

Heavenly Sunshine on My Shoulder

Yesterday, after the passive aggressive conversation, I left early to pick LMNOB up from school. A good family friend had done this Tues/Weds for me.

Soon as I saw her she ran, threw her hands up and squealed with a cheese-tastic smile, "Mommy, I LEARNED SPANISH today!!!!" She was thrilled, and I reciprocated the enthusiasm.

We went and picked Punkinhead up - where a rare and very touching display of mutual sibling affection was had for all to see. Wow, they really do love each other, -grin-.

We had errands to run and did them. On the way home, we took the back county roads. It'd been overcast all day, but as I looked west to the foothills (gloriously exposed on this non-developed stretch of land), the sun was peaking through a very dark cloud, but barely. The result was a vista appropriate for cinematography - a brilliant, silvery white disc of light behind the opening in this dark cloud, with rays of the same dazzling illumination shining down in ribbons over the mountains and green farmlands of the horizon. The kids were happily chattering in the back seat, but this, this had to be seen.

"Hey guys, look out LMNOB's window, look at the sky"

LMNOB: "*gasp* Holy," uh-oh brace yourself Mom, "Spirit!"

What a relief! "Huh?"

LMNOB: "It's like when Jesus was baptized, and the Spirit said He was pleased."

Well melt my little heart! But, why is it that they try to fool you so much of the time, making it seem like they don't hear/understand you, when they obviously get it!?! Nevermind - roll with it.

"Yeah, it is kinda like that. Do you think it's God's answer to that song we sing:"

Lord, let your light,
light of your face
shine o-o-on us....
LMNOB: "Yeah, Mommy, it is like that! 'Cept for I don't see Jesus, just His light."

"Yeah, sometimes that's all we ever really get to see here on earth, honey. But someday... I think this is God saying, 'Hey you had a rough day, but remember Me? See this beautiful world I created for you? I made it because I love you.'"

LMNOB, with awe and wonder: ", Mommy." She may as well have said, "That's deep, man," at the end of that statement, as incredulous as she sounded, lol.

I felt my spirit lighten, as I thought to myself that I was sure glad I listened to my heart and took an early end to the day at work. I would have missed out on this.

As we turned and went down another rural lane, we passed a large expanse of wetland, with a sizable lake out past the reeds. LMNOB noted, "Hey that looks like the river where the baby was in a basket!"

"Do you mean the Moses baby?"

"Yeah! I think it's the same one!"

"Well, that river is clear on the other side of the world, but I bet you're right about how it looks."

"But how do YOU know, Mama?" said the voice in the back, now dismissing my input, which just moments ago was regarded as the deep thought of the day, as mere parental saying-so.

It's beginning.

I'm waiting for the day when she will tell me, "Mama, the teacher/book/kids on the playground said you're wrong....and it will progress in that order, you mark my words.

Soon other adults will override me, then the knowledge she can glean on her own, and finally, it will all be downhill from there when the peer group is deemed as the ever-knowing authority on EVERY thing.

I better get my say in when I can these days, eh?

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  1. The day that the first teacher said that I was wrong (I wasn't by the way), was the day the first thoughts of homeschooling began trickling into my head.
    *BIG cheesy grin*