Thursday, August 17, 2006

I HATE Passive Aggressive People!

Hi, I was calling about your agency's participation in the upcoming Homeless Count.

Oh is this the survey that Ladybug has been talking to us about? Because we've already said we're going to do that - she knows that.

Ladybug is overseeing the state's participation, whereas I am organizing our county information. There has been no communication from your agency, despite repeated attempts, and so that is why I'm calling. Training is mandatory for all service providers and/or volunteers administering the survey.

What? I didn't know that.

**at this point I want to throw my hands up in the air. My links in the e-mails that went to this agency's ED have plastered ALL over them the information re: training. Not to mention all of the newspaper press having mention of them.

Gently: Yes, this is per the state, or Ladybug's council, recommendation. (In other words, quit this petty little power struggle and PLAY BY MY RULES!!! Oh, yeah, but I'm the baby on the human services block 'round here, no one wants to be ordered around by a baby....)

Oh, well, if we must....SIGH.... It sure would have been nice to know this.

***OMGOSH!!! Have the e-mails that I have been cranking out, regularly since JUNE not made it?***

I hate this folks. I'm being questioned at every turn. Before long, someone will ask me if up is down and I will say,"Yes, I do believe it is." At which point, the folks carrying me into the looney bin will be reassured they have the right girl.

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  1. Oh my goodness that annoys me just reading it... LOL