Saturday, August 19, 2006

LMNOB on the Royalty of Christian Deities

LMNOB is 5, and obsessed with queens and princesses.

A month or so ago, she asked me why there weren't any queens in Heaven. I asked her to clarify, and she was concerned that if we call God the "King" and Jesus the "Prince [of Peace]," who was/wasn't the queen and why.

Our minister, when I approached him, laughed and said, "You've got a budding feminist."

Well, that's not always a bad thing. *Knowing smile*.

A close friend of mine, who grew up in the church, had an immediate answer when I posed this dilemma to her: Tell her there are queens in Heaven - Queen Esther (OT) is bound to be there, as well as the other queens of Christendom who've reigned here on earth. Hey, great point!

So we had that discussion and finished I thought.

Until Friday, the day of the sunlight/Sonlight conversation, when she asked again:

Mama, why aren't there any queens in Heaven?

Honey, we've discussed this. Remember there are queens in Heaven, like Queen Esther?

I wanna talk about this again! Queen Esther was just a person Mama. What about Queens like Jesus and God?

Well honey, I don't know.

Well, did Jesus have a wife that would have become a queen?

Not that the Bible mentions, so probably not.

Why? Why didn't He get married, that's weird - everybody should get married.

Well, but not everyone Uncle Big'n'Tall, he's not married - Jesus was like that.

So, what about Jesus' mama? If God's a King, and Jesus is a Prince, well his Mama had to be a queen!

You mean Mary? You think she might be the queen of Heaven?

Well yaaaah! I mean the Holy Spirit made her have Jesus, so she must be the queen. Mary's the Queen of Heaven! The Holy Spirit Queen of Heaven!

*sigh* she is using great critical thinking skills, and regarding our faith - I can't deter that......ever!


  1. How totally cute!!! Hey it was good chatting with you today... I cant use my email here at my moms house BUT I get emails... can you send me directions to your office? LOL I figured that was important to know. I will be coming from Westminster, CO

  2. CYE - it's pretty easy to figure out :) I'm looking forward to it - my second March mommies IRL meet.

  3. What about the idea that God's people have sworn to be faithful to God...

    The Great Story oten depicts God's people as His beloved bride.

    The church is the queen!

    in HIS love,

  4. Nick, this is true, but try explaining that to a 5 y/o, lol. :)

    Thanks for coming by!

  5. How many times have I said to my kids & grandkids -- "Because I say so" -- when I might better Have said "I don't know - let's keep talking and looking for answers that make sense" -- We'll sometimes find answers and sometimes not -- that's OK because only God knows everything -- Our job is to love him and seek him -- to find answers that help us live with him.

    Keep on encouraging the questions and being honest when you don't know --

    May God bless you in raising up that precious soul

    p.s. Came here via your comment on Bobby Valentines blog