Saturday, August 26, 2006

Must.. Keep... Going!

Ahh geeze, it's not like I'm dying or something, but my body is trying to shut down on me.

All the stress of the Count's end days have been eliciting all sorts of psychosomatic phenomena:

There's the traditional bag o' tricks -

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Shoulder Tension
  • Stress Eating -> a 12 lb weight gain in the past 14 wks. Grrr... you know those Cortislim ads? Uh, yeah, hmmmm.

And then, there are the new things, never before equated with stress in my life-

  • My hips down to my calves just ache at the end of the day - and if Charlie Brown were the massaging type, well, I'd have him working on me every night, but, he's not, so I just try to stretch out a lot.
  • Blood pressure related changes in my visual field - aack I know that's not good, and hopefully it's temporary...wait, that's supposed to be new, right? Yeah, well, the only time it's EVER happened before was when I was preeclamptic with LMNOB, so it is kinda new in this sense.
  • I have no motivation - like here's an elephant before me, and if it is only going to be eaten one bite at a time, well I know that's going to take awhile, why not dally a bit longer?

Today is Charlie Brown's Saturday of the month to work at the shop, so I've been frenetically trying to get my house in some order. You can't really tell, save for the kids' rooms - but then by looking at them now and knowing what they were this morning....suffice it to say, even if Charlie Brown sees nothing else got done today, he'll know that those rooms took me HOURS; the kids have inherited his pig sty genes.

I needed to stop, collaborate and listen - oh no, Vanilla Ice flashback, I really am losing my mind! LOL, all kidding aside, I just needed to stop and pause to collect myself.

Now that I've done so, if you'll excuse me, I... must... keep... going.

What's that you say, "Don't go?"

Hell, if you say so - wait, no, I'm sorry - I really should go.

Besides LMNOB giving me the evil eye - as my blogging is keeping her from her precious Nick Jr. Playtime, I have scads and scads of dirty laundry (little of it actually mine) that I must see to, vaccuuming that needs done, bathrooms that are remniscent of a public park restroom (eewww, I know!), and cases of shirts, hygiene items, and snack foods that must be made into incentive bags for Monday's count.


  1. I looked around at the tons of stuff needing my attention around here and sat down to look at your blog.*grin*

    I suppose if you can tackle your house and the count, I can handle this disaster area...hey, I did load the dishwasher, that should count for something, right?!

    The b/p visual thing is a bit scary, please take care of yourself.


  2. Don't give yourself a heart attack or stroke, okay? Take care, and try to force yourself to take at least a few minutes to relax and drink some water.