Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Naked and Exposed

That's how I feel now that the Fort Collins Coloradoan has some of the information regarding my childhood.

I prostituted for the cause, offering up the sordid details of my past for only potential payment - willing volunteers. Now, I feel like some sort of emotional porn star -with my past spread eagle and bare for all to see, in order to garner support for something near and dear to me: helping other people. And, it's somewhat uncomfortable...methinks public transparency in America is REALLY stinkin' hard to do, even for open-book types like myself.

I told my now-friend reporter last week in a phone call, "Hey, if you think it may work, we could look at this angle...." and when I didn't hear from him immediately, I assumed he simply didn't want to guilt trip the community about the count.

Course, I made an ass out of u-m-e doing such.

Yesterday he called me wanting a photo op and everything.

I'll talk, but no pic.

I had NO makeup on and had let my hair air-dry yesterday - ummmmmmmm NO!

Very Firmly: We have to have a picture.

Well then, if we must how's about this? I've got a training on Wednesday night, and the lucky camera person can snap me while I'm in my groove thang - provided I don't break the camera lense.

(all you women reading this thinking I've got serious self-esteem issues, LIGHTEN UP!! It's a joke - kay?) I'm all dressed my sassy hair (newly highlighted - Charlie Brown couldn't understand why I wanted to get a kit at the verylastminute last night - so I had to explain to him that false additions to my hair make me feel MUCH more secure about myself) got my spiel down pat.

Now.... hopefully more than the 5 RSVP's I've gotten will show - seating for 50 is going to look really shoddy when it's only 1/10th of the way full.


  1. OH MY GOOOOODNESSS!!!!! Mucho prayers!!!

  2. Glad to put a face with the Red-Headed Stepchild.

    Now I can say "hi."

    Bobby Valentine
    Stoned-Campbell Disciple

  3. Stoned....
    yaaahh...I s'pose, though now, I'm rethinking it. I feel like a desperate schmuck who went to e-harmony or something. web sharing is weird