Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Ok, so it was more than 1/10th occupied

Tonight at the training.

8 people, of 50 seats, were present. Not quite the mass support I was hoping for, but it was more than I started out with this morning. I'll take it.

Feedback was great.

I didn't stumble over myself, though I nearly lost my balance one time teetering on my high heel.

What I did manage to do was lock myself out of my office in the midst of copying training materials. Thought to myself - I just moved up a rank - when it happened, but otherwise it worked out ;-)

Peace out - I'm tired, and gotta do it all ovah again tomorrow at 9.


  1. We're living parallel lives in that regard - though I think I've probably already made the "accidental" type post.

    Yeah, funny story about that...

    So I get to my doctor appointment last week and the first thing Dr. Brookoff does when I come in is open up my chart, show me my blog profile and ask, "Is this you?"...haha! Some guy from NBC found it and sent him the least I didn't write anything nasty! :)

    I'm excited for your homeless project and I know God is even more so because he can see where it is going and he has the power to do amazing things through it. I don't know much about it but I know things can start out small but make some really big changes. I'm praying this will be the case for you!

  2. I assume NBC isn't the same thing as the TV network?

    That is pretty funny how word gets around these days huh?

    Thanks for the words on the count...I know God's in with me too, but feel like Satan has been in attack mode as a result. Lots of discouragement, lots of resistance in the agencies, etc....Satan sucks...a LOT!