Thursday, August 10, 2006


What I'm about to ask in NO way means that I have come to a conclusion on this issue - I just wonder, are we as Christians chasing a red herring when it comes to the sanctity of marriage?

Why is it, that folks, particularly in the "religious right" feel that homosexual unions/marriages, etc are such a "threat to the institution of marriage," to the point of taking action with our legislators?

And why when it comes to taking the same action regarding, oh things like predatory lenders (which can create the infamous money problems for a couple), pornography (whose addictive tentacles are entrenched in our churches), domestic violence and other counseling services young couples may need, and any other poverty and crisis prevention/intervention programs - all of which could reduce the alarmingly HIGH divorce rate in our country (the REAL threat to the institution of marriage, I say), the answer is: Those are my tax dollars; people make bad choices; etc, etc......

I dunno the answer re: how to address the first issue. I believe that homosexuality is sin, but then, I also believe seeking porn is sin, also of a sexual nature. And personally, I'm more threatened by porn and the havoc it has wreaked on my family, than whether two men or women want to say "I do."

It seems a little to me like the speck vs. pole issue when we want to ban gay marriages, but not address the problems in straight marriages.


  1. I hear you. I think homosexuality is wrong. So is lying, stealing, heterosexuals cheating, porn, the list goes on... I don't think it's up to our government to legislate morality. If "the church" would tackle the poverty problem more and the homo agenda less, I think our society would improve greatly. But we all have our pet problems, don't we?

    My friend was telling me just last week that there were people at his church circulating a petition a few Sundays ago. Not once, but two weeks in a row. He told the minister he hoped it would be the last time and one of the women overheard him and came to talk with him. He had her crying by the end not because he chewed her out, but because he made her think. Until we try to understand why some are more prone to this choice, and until we have something in the church to reach out to those in that lifestyle, we have no business circulating petitions condemning them. Here's the kicker: one of our streetkids had come to church that day with his boyfriend. That petition was being circulated in front of someone who is stuck in his lifestyle yet searching for answers and love. Sad.

    Now, I don't believe my rights as a heterosexual,married,or Christian woman should be stripped by legislators either. The Gay rights agenda is going to do what they're going to do, I still won't think it's right, but I think there are bigger fish to fry than banning gay marriages.

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  3. Whether or not we agree on the moral 'rightness' or 'wrongness' of homosexuality (and on this particular topic we certainly do no agree), I do agree with the point of your post, and I think you said it well. There are, indeed, much bigger fish to fry in terms of threats to traditional marriage than the rights gay men and women to marry other gay men and women. Well said!

  4. Postcards,

    Hope that didn't come across as gay people = sinners, straight people do not, b/c that's not at all the distinction I was trying to make.

    We are ALL sinners, per my faith anyway ;-), all equally separating us from the God I believe in. And, because people continue to sin even after realizing the above (darned human nature!) there is no way I would ever dare to venture beyond what I've already said here, i.e. gays are going to hell, etc etc...if that's true just on the appearance of sin in their lives, I better pack my hot weather clothes for the afterlife too! ;-)

    To sum up - we need to quit fighting, start uniting, and just Love each other.

    PS - some of the people I go to church with may be pi$$ed off to see this coming from me....but this is my place, and these are my thoughts :)

  5. First of all, you write quite well - and l I agree that marriage as an institution is threatened by many things, too many to name here, but I will debate anyone to the death, (figuratively speaking), with regards to homosexuality. I have homosexual friends and I completely support their choices and given the opportunity to vote for their ability to marry, I would undoubtedly support it. In fact, my attitude is that people, so long as they are not hurting others, should be able to do what they wish - AGAIN - so long as they are not hurting others. If people want to be gay - let them. If they want to get married - let them. They're not affecting anyone else by being gay. And if the issue is taxation - well, that's a whole other can of worms - because why do married people get a tax break anyway? To me, the fact that married couples get a tax break at all is a bit of a joke. Not that I'm not the first to admit that I'll be happy to take advantage...

    Anyhow - my attitude is live and let live. The fish that should be fried are the terrorists, rapists, murderers and the like.

    And as for the state of the institution of marriage - I'm sure many wish they had a solution. How many people go into marriages looking forward to divorce?

    And nobody should be afraid of speaking their mind on a personal blog.

  6. Oh, sweet HAM...I'm sorry if my response came across as heavy-handed (darn Internet and it's lack of nuance!) My response was a visceral one after reading the phrase 'homosexuality is a sin', because I disagree wholeheartedly. If you're working on the principle that we're all sinners, then yes, homosexuals are sinners, but I don't believe that homosexuality in and of itself is a sin. I'm pretty sure you didn't intend to open up a huge debate about homosexuality, and I've always been an 'agree to disagree' kinda girl. My bottom line, is that I agree with your bottom line...there are far greater threats to 'conventional' marriage than 'unconventional' marriage! Thanks for giving me something to think about today. Hugs, Sista! Oh, and I agree with one should be afraid to speak their mind in the comfort of their own (online) home...(or anywhere else for that matter!)

  7. PC (heehee, you share initials with the infamous movement across the country/world! ;-) )

    No such perception, just the thought of mine that perhaps I hadn't clearly stated my POV.

    And Leigh, as I've been thinking about this, I think that if it (homosex) was such a biggie, that it'd been made clear in the 10 commandments - whereas the only thing it says re:any sexuality is no adultery. Surely there are other references to homosexuality being wrong, but it makes me wonder to what degree when it didn't make it to the 10 BIG Rules.

    I by no means have all the answers. I am just trying to reconcile my church with my faith, and seeing where the incongruencies (in people, mind you) are.

    I have several gay/lesbian friends, and when one of them lost her partner last year to cancer, I saw how devastated she was. There is no way I would ever be able to say yes/no to that kind of very real love.

  8. Agreed and well put. As far 'rules' are concerned, I feel people should just strive to be good people - whatever they believe that to mean, and if they embrace religion, great. The fear of God can work wonders for people - but from my perspective, rules are unnecessary. You either know the difference between right and wrong - or you don't. I have never been religious, however I have begun to embrace the concept of a 'God' but I don't really feel that there can be a specific set of guidelines we're intended to follow when the world keeps changing. I think you just have to try real hard not to hurt anyone and try to enjoy life and maybe contribute something - no matter how small. I think you wanted to move on from this topic though - so I'm going to as well!