Thursday, August 10, 2006

And now, not so philosophical ponderings

To lighten the heart....

  • The same desire of mine to see something completed is called "follow-through" at work, but "nagging" at home???
  • You see a goose and some geese, but a moose and some moose? Why isn't it meese?
  • People say blondes have more fun? I say we non-blondes have much more fun, collectively, since there are MORE of us.
  • Punkinhead never tires of his "Mama, guess what?" What baby? "I WUV you!" game? (Not that I want it to end, cuz it's a special day-brightener - but I wanna know so that one day when he thinks it's dumb, I can stir the emotions to make him keep doing it!)
  • I don't want to work today? LOL....
  • The words "over achiever" can be perceived to have more animosity behind them than a curse word?
  • Yesterday, when a self-identified 20 y/o young woman called to volunteer for the count, she felt compelled to share that she'd recently been charged with an MIP? And why did she feel she had to justify herself (I own a house, I work, this is SOOOOOO not a big deal), to me, a complete stranger who said nary a word? LOL... not your typical volunteer, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

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