Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Sunday, July 30th 2006

Was a day where I physically felt the presence of God.

To begin with, we attended class. Right now we are doing an uber-cool video series called "That the World May Know," that I've actually seem before, but only this time is it actually sinking in. Sunday's lesson was on the triumphal entry of Jesus into the city prior to His crucifixion. Ray Van der Laan taught many things in this lesson that I never really knew:

The people crying Hosannas and Glory be to God! was a large cause for Luke 19:41.

Confused? I was, until Ray clarified just what the thoughts were representing.

The Jews were under massive oppression from the Romans. They longed for a political savior. They were crying for deliverance, but had missed the boat entirely. Their words sounded good, but it seems as if God must have heard:

Deliver us from the evil Romans - but leave us and our sins to ourselves.

Hmm....made me think of my recent ponderings. It also made me see a frightening irony in our current world. Instead of seeking the peaceable way of the Lord, some (thankfully not ALL)Christians, known as the religious right, are focusing their time and energy on passing legislation that supports their sense of righteousness. Now, don't get me wrong, I think the Bible is very clear about homosexuality not being the will of God - but I also know He is a God of choice and doesn't force Himself on us. I also know that as Christians, some of us have sins that are just as habitual and conscious as, say choosing to live a certain life. Pornography for example. Oh, but where's the rush to fight the much more REAL and direct threat to my union? It's considerably smaller - yeah, that's too bad. I guess I feel that if any political action is to be being made, it should be to love our neighbors and meet their needs versus taking things away/keeping it out of reach. I already know the points people will counter with, and I'm still figuring it out - folks, I am just a girl after all. ;-) Anyway, I digress - the class was awesome.

Then we get to worship and it was great. We sang a newer song called The New Annointing, and while we were singing the bridge:
King of Glory, fill the earth
King of Glory fill the earth
King of Glory fill the earth
As we declare...

LMNOB looked up at me and said, "They mean JESUS!" The excitement in her eyes shone as I nodded and helped her raise her hands to the Lord who has blessed us so much. I doubt myself a lot, probably far more than is merited, but in these instances, it's like God allows me a glimpse of how He sees me, and my life. And the always-needing-approval gal in me soaks it up, because His approval is EVERYTHING.

Then, the sermon. A continuation in 1John from the past couple weeks. Of particular interest - Antichrists. In ch. 2 we are warned not to become antichrists. And as the minister provided compelling detail to this, he boiled it down to 3 key points:

1. We must not deny the Son / Father by our words or actions. He noted here that he'd grown up with the explanation of taking the Lord's name in vain = saying it as a curse word, oath etc., and while that's true, he also had come to include wearing the name of Christ and yet living in opposition to it as the most blatant form of taking the Lord's name in vain.

2. We abide in the Lord when we truly believe in our Savior and live in a way that realizes that faith.

3. We must not only accept the Truth, but take ACTION upon it.

I had tears streaming down my face - and chagrin in my heart at the realization that I'd chosen regular, versus waterproof, mascara that morning. The class came back at me - do we get it today? Are we missing the boat? Do the tears Jesus sheds for my life represent a mutual pain where He's crying with me, or have I pained Him to the point that His tears are because of me?

My prayer and my aim is that it may never be the latter.

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