Monday, July 31, 2006

Who is my Euro Friend here?

I have a feeling that you tried to tell me in a June comment, but see my first post today - and even checking that link out - I still don't know! Where do I know you from??

(hint - you can e-mail me if you dig a bit in the links on my sidebar)


  1. Ok - wow now the clustrmap is showing ALL sorts of you! C'mout c'mout and give a shout

  2. followed your link from a post on somebody else's can't remember whose blog that was or what the topic was..and still can't find the email link in your sidebar...must be having a senior moment or trouble with bifocals...

  3. If you click my profile, it shows an e-mail me link. Guess I could put that in the sidebar, but I think that makes it too accessible for spammers. My hint was for the homeless count link, once you get to that site, my work e-mail info is plastered all over :)

    I'm anxious to find out who you are! I can't figure it out!

  4. Now I've got it, I followed it from Mike Cope's blog one day...we are former Abilenians and former Highland coc attenders, that is how we know preachermike

  5. I figured it was either that or Larry James' blog given your profession of being Texas folk on your Xanga site.

    I don't even really "know" either of the two men....just saw them as links on some of my buddies here in CO blogs (b/c they are ACU grads) and started checking them out....makes me kinda wish I had been able to go to a Christian school, but then again, I grew my faith in opposition to the "world" at CSU :)

    You're more than welcome to speak up on anything you see here!