Sunday, September 17, 2006

Held Hostage

It seems a number of things have held me hostage of late,

  • Family of Origin Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Financial Woes
  • Et....Cetera.................................

So, it would make sense for it to show up in my dreams, or so I supposed this morning.

I am driving alone in the hilly countryside of my youth; it was clearly Washington with evergreens and rhodendenrons everywhere the eye could see - but in that dreamy "it-was-this-exact-thing-except-for..." sense, which became clear when the person of my dreams appeared.

As I walk into the unfamiliar house, my new friend from the FCPD is there, in uniform.

"Get down, there is a guy with a weapon hiding in here!" He tells me in a desperately quiet and gruff voice.

The weird thing was that there was no, "What are you doing here?" or anything of that nature, that and I wasn't surprised to see the boys in blue there, but hey it's a dream right?

Another officer shows up from within the house. He stands telling my friend that he is puzzled as to where this guy has gone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the suspect behind officer #2.

At this point my dream became an out of body perspective.

My eyes grew wide, as I point and scream, "Behind you!" as the officer ducks down, he avoids the ambush of his attacker. The guy keeps going and before any of us knew it, he has me, gun to my head and everything.

I am outwardly calm, but my heart is throbbing in panic mode. The feelings of terror are all consuming as my buddy begins to negotiate with him. My eyes frantically beg him to be successful and get me out of this mess. My captor only grows more agitated, and I can see the worry in the eyes of the officers. This does not put me at ease. Things crescendo to a boiling point where my friend, seeing no other option, ends up shooting the man who has ahold of me.

Gratitude for my life and his courage to act fill my heart. Terror at the knowledge of how this all could have ended swells from within, and the sobbing starts. Uncontrollably.

My friend embraces me, and says, "Hey kiddo, you knew I had your back, right?" I nod, but I'm still crying.

Later, the captor's sister shows up and we speak briefly. Though I can't remember what about.

And right about there, the alarm clock went off this morning.

I can't really make sense of the dream, except for what I said above. Seems a stretch to me.

Anyone up for dream analysis?


  1. Just a question,

    How much of this was the actual dream and how much of it was "after the fact" insight?


  2. All italics were dream....the after the fact insights are in regular face type, i.e. "it was clearly Washington with evergreens and rhodendenrons everywhere the eye could see - but in that dreamy "it-was-this-exact-thing-except-for..." sense..."

  3. Let me know if the family of origin difficulties ever lessen...these can be pesky, tenacious creatures...

  4. It's interesting to me that although you were afraid and in danger, and in a seemingly unescapable situation, in the end you were safe.

    It seems to me that the dream very well may be about your mind and God working on FREEING you from some of the "things that have held you hostage."