Friday, October 6, 2006

From a Child's POV

LMNOB brought the above home from school today.

At first I didn't think much of it...but, at second glance I noticed she had equated happy with love, evidenced by the hearts in her illustration.

Oh, sweetheart, you've so much to learn yet. Love isn't always a feeling, like happy- it's more often a choice. Happy is a feeling, for the most part. Yet it too has a lot to do with choice.

Hoo boy, I'm waxing philosophical here....but you know, I didn't have anyone to talk with me about love like this. And, while it's a ways off, I desperately want to have those talks with her. I want her to know that she is not at the mercy of her heart - that love, true love, requires some of the greatest self-sacrifice one can muster, that long-term love is more often "faking it til you're making it," and that she has the power of choice as to just when she wants to embark on that journey.

How many people lose sight of this?

I know I have at various times.

I don't have it all figured out - I suppose if any ONE did, there wouldn't be such a market for love, finding it, keeping it, or rediscovering it.

But I'd like to think that by the time LMNOB is wanting to talk about it, I'll feel a little bit more confident, ;-)

In the meantime, I'm curious.

After noticing the happy-hearts relationship, I noticed the girl is blonde. With brown eyes.

So, I'm curious....just who is the little brown-haired boy making my daughter feel all heartsy at the ripe ole age of 5?

Would it be the little boy she was telling me about yesterday?

Mama, I really like M too, too much. But he's just too nice!

Followed by a *giggle, spin, swoon* number that had me a little overwhelmed to see this soon.

Maybe this M boy's parents and I oughta be talking? For certain, LMNOB and I will be!


  1. Well if it is any consolation... Gabe (who as you know is also 5 LOL) told me 3 weeks ago that he was ready to marry Becca a friend of ours 7 year old... LOL And he was serious.

  2. Hey girl, sorry I've been MIA...more on that later...

    My dh is going nuts over our 6 yo dd's romantic nature. She and her friend Zeke announced their intentions a couple of years ago at church. The romance has faded, but but isn't forgotten.

    DH is ready to buy her a burkha.(sp?!)

    I don't look forward to popping her bubble, but someday I know we'll have to talk about the things you mentioned...maybe I can just climb into her blissful bubble with her instead and hide from reality.

  3. Very cute. Yes, my 7 year old ds has known his future wife since he was a newborn. They told us they're waiting until they're old enough to move out to marry. That works for me. ;)