Monday, October 9, 2006

The Internet makes the World even SMALLER!

So, funny story......not funny ha-ha, just funny in how unconventional friendships have become the norm in the past decade.

When I first started blogging, I knew one other blogger, Purple Kangaroo. PK is a mommy I "met" at ivillage while pregnant with LMNOB. A few other of the March 2001 Mommies have turned blogger, now as well. One night I was just randomly clicking on Blogger's "recently updated" links, and came across The Time Has Come (when it was still blogger, not wordpress)- and was surprised to see that James is a CoC preacher in New York. Then, somehow, I discovered Alive By Grace, which is authored by a friend from my church. He had a link to Mike Cope - James also had a link to him, whom this friend and his wife are connected to via their time at Abilene Christian University.

So, I read preachermike, and I liked. I liked a lot, commented even. And then, I explored more and discoved Larry James, Bobby Valentine, and Niki Nowell. All fellow Christians, and some with CoC ties.

Well surprise, Niki is also in CO - Denver even. And she and her husband work with homeless youth. When she posted about a family who'd been in a car wreck a month or so ago, I read and prayed. And then marveled at the small world once again, when my mother-in-law sent the same e-mail Niki'd had posted. Seems my husband's family was really close to this family as well.

Niki had a question for me recently about people and places in the homeless services arena, and I told her, "Sure we can talk, b/c I'm going to be in Denver next week for 3 days!" We talked on the phone for *blush* 2 hours?!?! and discovered that, small world, I go to church with one of her good friends - whose daughter is my daycare provider!

I hadn't yet ironed out details for lodging for my trip - and when Niki offered, I accepted. I feel somewhat impulsive, but since we know so many of the same people, it's like we practically know each other, right?

I'm excited to see her tomorrow, and to go with her to her worship band practice in the evening.

Here's to the internet, bridging gaps between kindred spirits all around the globe.


***Edited to add - yes, I'm leaving Seth for more than 24 hours (3 WHOLE DAYS) with the KIDS for the first time. This means, yes, your prayers are very much needed for patience, love, and kindness to abound in the Meyer abode during my absence.


  1. Lots of prayers for fun for you and sanity for Charlie Brown ;)

  2. And I am glad our paths crossed. I always know where to go to get a good thought AND a good chuckle.

    Bobby Valentine