Thursday, November 30, 2006

11 years ago today...

Was my first "date" with Charlie Brown.

Time really does fly.

It was so almost a non-date it isn't even funny, but we were young and silly kids - not the best communicators. Well, that department hasn't totally changed much - communication, that is.

At the time, Chuck had been coming to terms with the fact that my best friend had no interest in him in a romantic sense....he'd chased her for quite a while and she'd finally told him they were "just friends" in the months preceding this "date."

We were always together as a threesome, she and I plus Charlie Brown. Occasionally, if the threesome was whittled down to a duo, it was always her and myself or her and Charlie Brown....never just he and I.

The friend had an appointment with a college rep the night that we were all supposed to go see Ace Ventura 2: When Naure Calls - I know, we kids, we had us some classy tastes, huh? In our defense, it was small town, (Craig, CO) middle America. We had nothin' else better to pursue.

So I called Chuck (whom I had some beginnings of a crush on) and giggled as we confirmed that the "date" was still on, sans the friend that glued us together.

He picked me up. We went, rather wordlessly to the flick.

In the crappy theatre (which still exists in all of its mediocre splendor today), we both went to put our arms on the one armrest between us. Somehow (my eyebrows are innocently raised as I retell this), somehow we ended up holding hands. Aww, ain't that sweet?

Now.......I could tell the cutesy puppy-love version, or I could go with the really transparent version......hmmmm...the transparent version disturbs me, particularly when I think about LMNOB dating someday - even with "just a friend." Hey - remember that song? LOL, it sorta fits that thought process.

Transparent version it is.

For the next 90-120 minutes (this is like right away, including previews, etc.) teenage hormones, combined with then-unbeknownst-psychological-issues for BOTH of us (mine = low self-worth girl wanting to be loved --> rush to physicality; his = tendency to only partially fulfill intimacy needs by physical means) made for a petting session that NO good girl would allow on a first date, and no upstanding young man would dare to pursue. And, get this....true to our false intimacy forms, we said nary a word for the rest of the night....until his truck arrived at my house, when I said, "I had a really good time tonight. Bye," and ducked out of his response by hurrying up to the door.

Silly high-schoolers....real intimacy is for big kids. (well, I was in highschool - he'd just turned 20)

The next day he called me and said, "Uhhh, about last night. Uhm, you see, Charlie Brown has had a crush on you for awhile."

"Me too!! Err, me on you, that is." Giggle, giggle....

And the rest is fairly bumpy, and pretty complicated, but overall happy history.............


  1. I am sure your story is not the first one of groping on a first date and then years of marriage. Congrats.