Thursday, November 2, 2006

And here they are in all their cuteness and glory!

Don't mind the candle wax on the wall behind Punkinhead - one of my votives
in that wreath cracked under pressure - couldn't take the heat - and made a nice congealed mess. Anyone know how to get wax off of paint that is so cheap that
even a wet washcloth will rub it off?

If they aren't the cutest Tinkerbell and Lightning McQueen Pit Crew you ever
saw - why then you don't belong here! ;-)

btw - these costumes originally retailed for a combined total of $40 -
I got them for $18 and change - which is fine by me because, I don't sew!


  1. Adorable!

    And as far as the wax goes... maybe it won't come off. But maybe you can paint a mural around it to hide it a little better?



  2. Beautiful children!

    As far as the wax goes, you might try an ice cube. Rub it on the wax and maybe it will lose its grip.