Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I think the answer just hit er, splashed me....


The question being that of my brother's; why are fewer people getting [and/or staying] married?

I was IM'ing him today, having a reasonable conversation re: my comments below his article (in the link above) and other helpful critiques, when all of a sudden Punkinhead says from the bottom of the stairs:

"Mama, I just spit up."

Being somewhat dense, clouded in that I-just-radically-jumped-gears-from-having-an-intelligent-conversation-to-dumbing-down-to-the-3-y/o's-level frame of Mommy mind, I quickly assumed he was talking about his recently renewed fascination with spit bubbles and other infantile methods of self-entertainment.

But, just as I turned to offer the obligatory, "What, Baby?" he was at the top of the stairs, making 3 piles of what he ate for lunch. And there was more downstairs too. LMNOB was screaming, as she is hysterically squeamish, at not only the mere presence of the barf, but at the Scriptural prophesy being acted out (sorta - it wasn't hers) by our Black Lab.

Mmmm....Ryan, I think I have your answer.

Dealing with other people's vomit is a deterrant to the whole married, with or without kids, phenomenon.

Yes, Charlie Brown's been known to actually make it to the toilet when ill with a GI bug, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he cleans it up when his innards have just been involuntarily and quite violently flushed out.

Gross.......and........Punkinhead and I are long overdue for a discussion on how one actually has to CHEW the food one eats for proper digestion to occur.

You're more than welcome for the visual.

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  1. Ooh sick. But very a propos that I just decided to not have kids today, on my blog. ;-)

    Hopefully the dog will help you in the cleaning process. They're good that way.