Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So I had a thought today....

inspired by the kids' 2-day-bout of incessant whining, about EVERYTHING.


- my attempts to calmly and lovingly, and REPEATEDLY remind them what I was saying wasn't all that bad!

- my attempts to focus on the positive

- my attempts to distract them from the whine-able task at hand and later return to it, and finally,

- my grit-your-teeth-and-suck-it-up-because-you-ARE-going-to-do-it-and-you're-gonna-like-it response in the end,

Nothing stopped their whining.

And then, the epiphany...........

Now, I know that God wants to hear from us, good, bad, or ugly, hence the Psalms...and Lamentations...and Ecclesiastes, etc., and am I ever thankful for that, though somewhat forgetful on that point.


Does our moaning at trial and tribulation ever sound to Him like the whining of our children does to us? Especially when we are blind to some of the self-infliction of some of these trials? Or when the perceived issue is so unbelievably shallow - think teenage whining here. Does God ever so lovingly, and altogether parentally, just think, "Whatever, just make it STOP!" And then regret the implementation of free will?....LOL...sigh...well, seriously?

I doubt that He gets to where we do - as finite persons with definite limits to our patience - just because in the nature of God, He is infinite, has patience and peace neverending. But, I'm sure that at times, some of the things I lift up to Him very much do sound like whining.

Because I know how much I hate whining as a parent, and because I am in awe at all the Lord has done for me, I'm gonna try real hard not to be that whiney voice in the background. Which means, I need to quit being grumpy! :)


  1. His patience is certainly mind blowing.

    I hope your new full time (?) job is going well.

    Bobby Valentine

  2. I'd think of it more as a healthy outlet for pent up angst. I definitely feel better when I have someone to learn on, and vent to, whether it's God, or The Funasaurus, or anyone else.