Tuesday, November 7, 2006

This is just too weird....

I'm being cited as a so-called expert re: local homelessness in a number of student papers this semester. Oh, yeah, I forgot to write about this too: U.S. Senator Ken Salazar's office called me for the same reason a couple of weeks ago, as it was pertinent to a local meeting he was attending.

Don't you have to be, like, a professor (read: old and stodgy) or something for that? Don't you have to, like, not say "like" as often as I do?!?


I was right when I told that guy my head would get really big with all of this attention.

Well, maybe. Sorta.

It's not really my head that's growing, but rather my heart at knowing people are caring enough to seek the information out.

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  1. Even if it's baby steps... at least they're steps in the right direction!