Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This whole stat counter thing just proved to be really entertaining.

Most of the people who stumble into my ramblings via Google are usually interested in the etymology of the phrase "red-headed step-child." I had a hit from a person seeking "phone sex" after I talked about my marathon call with my sister last week - ewwwww gross! The other day someone was looking for the appropriate spelling of "appropros," and yesterday, someone came over here after they searched "doggone tired." EEEEEEnteresting, very eeenteresting.

Today, someone Googled "scholarships for red-headed people," and mosied on over here, and it's making me giggle - like, are we redheads a protected class or something??? I mean....most redheads are of a caucasian persuasion....that alone grants us a privilege that other minorities lack.

But it made me I looked at the other links associated with that search.
There was this article, in which it looks like finding a scholarship for merely being a redhead is equitable to a quest for the holy grail - legends abound, but nothing is substantiated. Also - a discussion board, but still no dice - all talk. The rest of the links Google provided were just goofy, trivial things.

Again....people are funny....


  1. I can top that. Someone found my site my googling "cat assholes." I was so offended, on so many levels. Not just that someone was looking for that horrid combination of words, but that it would lead them to my site! Eeek.

  2. I remember that! And, uh, yeah, I remember being disturbed by that too!

    Sickness, man, sickness freaking abounds