Saturday, December 9, 2006

Holiday shopping sans kiddos

What a blessed relief!

Charlie Brown and I got to mess around for 6 whole hours today without a single whine, tantrum, or frantic trip to the restroom. HAAAAAALLLLLLL-lelujah!

Well....maybe not so much on the restroom thing, but I'll come back around to that and let you be the judge ;-)

A couple at church whom I'll call M&M's, who are just a bit younger than Chuck's mom and dad, and to whom we've grown increasingly close these past few years, told us to plan a Saturday afternoon out and about while they watched kids and then we'd eat dinner together.

It was awesome. Have I mentioned how dear M&M's are to us?? :) And, not the candy?

As for the frantic trip to the bathroom - funny story. Charlie Brown and I grabbed some java concoctions on the way back into Fort Fun this evening. We made a few more stops, and by the time we got to King Soopers, my bladder was screaming for mercy. We both scrambled into our respective bathrooms and as I emptied myself, I audibly sighed relief - oh so quietly and privately - I thought. Charlie Brown laughed thru the wall, "Ha! I can hear you!" And then the silent stall mate said, "Quite a relief eh?" LOL - I'm seriously rethinking vocal manifestations of elimination relief. I just laughed and said, "Too much coffee."

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