Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Life sucks sometimes – often sucking the very “life” right out of us.


Punkinhead hollers, “I need help wiping,” but when I come to do so, I’m told, “Don’t wook at my butt pwease.”


Self-fulfilling prophesies are mighty ironic.


We all have needs, and I believe that certain people in our lives should meet those needs, except my own.


From what I’ve experienced, the worst procrastinators are often those who should avoid procrastination at all costs.


Even if a person is good-intentioned, when there is ignorance, that person is just as oppositional to the cause as an ignorant bigot.


Hurry up and wait.


Less is more.


Behind many confident people lies ugly insecurity.




A person can get all the external acclaim one could reach, but if they have not the approval of their life partner, and know it, – it is all for naught.


Snowflakes on a sunny, clear-blue day.  (still cold though - ;-) )


A moment seeming like eternity.


5 ½ years feeling like a blink of an eye (this is to be updated at each birthday of my children).


Crazy reality.


I could go on….these are just things striking me ironic today.

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