Friday, December 22, 2006

I would think...

that if I were a marketing person for some fancy schmancy jewelry company like Zales, that I would do a little bit of homework before launching a big ad campaign.

What I mean is that their latest commercials have the piano riff that is beautiful and classy and all that from the hit song 1000 Miles - not so bad, great angle.

Except that, for me and many other Americans who had the misfortune of viewing White Chicks, that song is now etched into our brains with this scene the Wayans brothers in drag, singing a muffled version of that song with their "girlfriends."Even worse yet, this scene is recalled- where there exists potential for guy on guy-who-looks-like-girl action:

And, it totally ruins the effects that the nice people at Zales worked so hard to accomplish.

Again - marketing has a lot to do with associations people make - I'm not so sure that I'd want my company's jewelry to be associated with an utterly retarded movie.

Just sayin'........

1 comment:

  1. I guess I've just gotta get out more! I would have never known!!

    You make a great point, though. You really ought to say something to the good folks at Zales.

    At our house, every kiss begins with Kay... I've always thought this commercial should get the "brilliant!" award!!