Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow Days!!

This story is very Denver-centric - as is most Colorado media, but you get the picture.

Oh, pictures you ask?

Why certainly!!

This was the massive drift outside of my kitchen door last night. I could barely open the door to get this pic taken!

These two were just for documentation's sake. That gate is 5' tall, by the way.

These were taken this morning, circa 10:00 a.m.

Look at our patio chairs!

About 2:30 this afternoon, we let the kids go out and enjoy the now, clear blue skies and sunshine....Punkinhead CRACKED me up, trying to ride his bike in the drifts, often taller than he himself.

Like any mother of merit, I told LMNOB, yes, we could build a snowman. And yes, we, or maybe just I, did, lol.

Charlie Brown has been a man possessed. Think Rambo. Even on a snow day, he did nothing but work. He is convinced that if he tunnels out our alley, then when the plows do the side streets he could get out to go to work tomorrow. Ha! When, not if? Seriously, it will be awhile before the plows get for me, The Boss just called and said the City is open that as it may, she nor I will be able to get out of our neighborhoods - even with the beauty of Subaru AWD - we simply don't have the ground clearance. Score one more day off!


  1. Thanks for the reminder of why I love Oklahoma!

  2. wow, that looks like fun. of course, I don't live there and my kids are currently running around naked singing Frosty the Snowman. But for a half hour to sled? That looks awesome. Great pictures.