Friday, December 29, 2006

Nothing bridges that 8 year gap like a spa day....

My sister and I have been separated by age for quite some time. As mentioned before, that 8 yr gap is coming to a close as she transitions out of adolescence and is on the verge of her 20's.

It's awesome. Really, really awesome.

Yesterday, we got to cash in on my Christmas gift to her - a day at the spa, just her and me, for a "Caribbean Hot Stone Manicure and Pedicure." They should just call this heaven - it's shorter and more to the point.

She e-mailed me last night - as she's hoping against hope that the snow will let up enough to fly out of Denver today -

Thank you so much for the time at the spa today; that was a GREAT present! It was so relaxing and it was nice to be able to spend 4 hours together doing something fun.

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with the kiddos and think that's fun as well, but it's not the same, as I'm sure you know better then I!

While I am very ready to go home, it is kind of sad to leave all of you here, knowing that I may very well not be back for another year. What was especially hard was LMNOB refusing to let go of me this afternoon at the house, it reminded me how badly I want to be there as they grow up. It's sad to think that next time I come back she'll be six, a first grader, and I'm quite sure she'll be taller as well!

In other words, I just want everyone in the family to know how much I love them and miss them when I am back home in Seattle! And please tell the kids for me, because I want them to know without a doubt that although I live far away and can't visit often I wish I could see them every week.

Talk to you soon!

I wrote her back, in my wordier than verbose fashion:


I'm really glad you liked it - I LOVED it too! You're totally welcome - though truth be told, it was as much a present to myself as it was to you. And yes - I totally get you on time with/without the kids - no issues there. But seriously, you NEED to find a massage therapist and get a session in. Much more awesome - and if you do it
without spa ambience, it's pretty affordable, from $45-70/hr. :)

I knew LMNOB's deal yesterday was hard on you - it was hard for me to watch, and know both sides' anguish. We know that you want to be plugged in to our lives, and plugged in you will be, even if from afar. Pictures, stories, phone calls, they all make the distance shorter. We know you love us, and hope you know that love is very mutual.

Now you, little miss, need to figure out your plane stuff - it looks awful and there is more [snow] to come. I'm praying that you get back - b/c like we've talked about before, it's awesome to have you up here, but you belong there....I'm excited for you as school starts, and I know that you'll do awesome - you're really finding yourself, but beware; just as you think you know who she is, you will change - it's where I am right now. It's all good, but is a little hard to adjust to.

Now, you go home to your wonderful boyfriend, tell him how much you missed him, how even with though he wasn't here when we got to be with you, he was here in spirit through the twinkle in your eye, the glow on your face, and that thing called love, that through those alone, H and family didn't need to spend one on one time with him, and are very proud and approving, then do whatever crazy thing you kids do these days (that's a total laugh at myself seeing how descriptive I've been with you of late). And K, mean it, love him without shame, without fear, and only with the love for him that exists inside you. It's incredibly freeing and possibly the most
intimate you could ever become with him.

I'm not saying to stuff your feelings, you're still working thru that, right? So instead, lay them aside as you come together, and just enjoy your HOMEcoming....Seattle is your home now, and that is awesome. Some people always wish they could go back home b/c they never found it upon leaving their family's home....we who've found and made new homes are luckier.

Boy, don't I sound all profound? Maybe I do know what I’m talking about, after all?!?

Love you….and call me on the other side, okay?


  1. Sounds like a nice visit with your sis.

  2. It was a very nice visit with the sis....Re-reading, I seem to have developed a dated (circa 1985) affinity for the word awesome....I used it 5 times in that post alone.