Tuesday, January 2, 2007

AAAAAAAAHHH!! I'm hemhorraging!

LOL, not really......but I've always loved that scene in My Girl where Vada gets her first period and that's her reaction. Gotcha.

It is that time for me though. And it is quite profuse and as a result, quite disgusting. Gotta love being a woman, eh?

For those of you who think it's crude and vulgar to discuss such delicate things out in the open like this, that big red x at the top right of your screen? Yeah, you might just go use it.

My blog about my life = subject matter that matters to me. Don't like? Then buh-bye.


  1. Oooh, I love that part in My Girl, too!

    And as far as riding the crimson wave goes, I try to think of it as just think of it as shedding unncessary weight! :-)

    Happy New Year

  2. I am going to the "open your legs and say ahhhh" Dr. on the 11th.

    Huge womanly problems. I am either in perimenopause or I could be dying? I don't know!! ARGH