Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What a blessing reminders are!

This past week has been full of reminders.

Reminders that life is short and sweet, and my kiddos need time of quality with me. I obliged, happily, and was reminded of how fun these two are :)

We don't talk about money all that much - I don't think it is an appropriate worry to instill in kids. And I think that is working out to our advantage, b/c apparently, LMNOB said we're rich. Her reasoning is that we have nice clothes, a nice, big house, and good food. By the standards of wealth in this country, we aren't rich. But by that of our global neighbors, and by the sheer fact that she thinks we are, we are rich indeed. A reminder from above.

Laying on the couch yesterday, pooped as could be, having Charlie Brown care for me and overhearing him tell his mother how much he believed in me and knew that we were doing the right thing (while he thought I was sleeping - which I was, mostly) with our work and school arrangement was a great reminder of how sweet he can be.

Having him do the dishes, on his own, with no preemptory whining/nagging from me about how hard the day had been reminded me that he not only can be sweet, but he is sweet. And he's mine.

Tonight - Punkinhead was being a big ball of goof and very obnoxious. Charlie Brown told him to get his hands out of something - when he didn't listen, Chuck says *JOKINGLY* "Alright, I'm gonna cut your fingers off, muahahaha." And when both Punkinhead and LMNOB broke into body wrenching sobs, sure ,we felt bad, but we just looked at each other and busted out laughing at the tragedy of a joke gone bad. And as we laughed, I felt peace.

Sure, we get a bit dramatic over here at the casa del Meyer, but we've got Love and laughter more than anything else. And if you haven't got those, in the Divine sense and the family sense, then what do you have, really?

We're going to be ok....

Thanks, to my Heavenly Daddy for the reminders aka blessings.

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