Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

We have an alarming trend at our church right now.

Everyone is leaving. And not moving away leaving either.

I don't get it.

They're saying, "our needs aren't being met," but they haven't said a word....until it's been too late.

Yeah, there's some ugliness, some pettiness and age/ideal division going on - but what church doesn't have that? We are people after all...and not at all perfect.

I dunno. One thing that has been impressed upon me in recent years is that I can't ask my church to be my one-stop shop for my spiritual needs - much like Charlie Brown can't be that for my emotional needs. It's ok to have several sources to feed your power supply, so long as the primary one is recognized as just that. The only difference being, in marriage, CB is the primary emotional need-meeter. In my spiritual life, that primary source is God, Love Himself, rather than the church - you know?

I'm not mad, not judging - I just wish it wasn't this way. Say a prayer, will ya?

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