Saturday, March 3, 2007


That is my 3rd paper for the class.

Holy writer's block Batman!

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that there was roughly 3x the material and yet the same allotted space (2-3 pages DOUBLESPACED) to convey I get it, could it? Nahhhhhh.....not for this verbose red-headed stepchild, no way. ;) Or maybe, uh-huh, 100%?

But get this...

I was able to highlight my hair this morning - oh-lah-lah springtime red, all streaky and golden copper. And, it's got that oh-so-sleek-you-just-conditioned-me -with-that-kick-butt-lotiony-after-color-rinse texture. Love it. That makes me hap-tastic :) and somewhat spastic. Maybe all the fumes took away my writing inspiration??

I cannot wait for spring break.

I was looking at the summer registration catalogue and nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement upon seeing a core class offered as an intensive. Meaning....instead of 14 weeks of this bumbling, time juggling grrr-ific experience, I could drive down to Denver for two weekends, Friday from 5-9, Sat/Sun from 9-5 both days, and. be. done! And still get some real classroom interaction, for the nerdy, teacher's pet me.

I really am a geek, huh? Who else gets their panties in a wad all excited over school like this?

I thought so - just me.

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  1. Congrats on your achievements. My lack of posts to you lately have been due to being crazy busy myself. My prayers are out for you!