Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lest I forget...

Gigglers from my kiddos.

As recounted by M, our daycare provider: Upon discovering how unseasonably warm it was today, M changed into shorts before they went outside. Punkinhead incredulously informed her, "M, you got new legs!"

LMNOB last night: as I read from an older children's book, " a store where a captain can buy things for his boat," she corrected me; "Or her boat, Mama." Yes, indeed, LMNOB a woman can be a captain of a boat, it doesn't just have to be a man. Good for her to notice these things, but I'll be honest and say that it took me aback a bit at her vehemence.

Another daycare funny; yesterday M took the kids for a rather long walk. She told me about halfway thru, Punkinhead stops, furrows his brows and shrugs his shoulders to ask, "So, M, how we get back to your house, anyway?" It's the anyway that kills me on that, "Did you not think about this, because I sure have!"

These funnies made me want to immortalize them, b/c who knows how long they will stay in my mind with specificity? Without the exact words, I'll be left with a general, "You kids were damned funny growing up," and where's the fun in that?

In thinking about these, I'm reminded of the one LMNOB pulled out of thin air several years ago. Punkinhead was just a new baby so she was not quite 2 1/2. We'd been out and had just gotten back in time for lunch. Thje menu de jour was PB&J. I pulled out the jelly and put it on the table.

Itty bitty LMNOB pointed at it and said, " 'at kind, Mama?"


Tears and protesting.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I don't wan' boys 'n berries, I wan' gils [girls] 'n gwape [grape]!"

I laughed for about 30 minutes, then called everyone I knew to tell them about it - kinda like I'm doing now, 3.5 years later.

But that's why, b/c they are wicked funny. And, me being me, I fall hard for the hilarious types - that's why I'm still with Charlie Brown, after all, b/c he makes me laugh like few can.


  1. Lol! I remember the "girls 'n grape" one! I remember thinking "Wow, I can't believe she thought of that!" And Punkinhead seems to be getting quite good at pulling those ones out himself!

  2. It's so great to write this stuff down.