Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Visit

It went well enough.

Lot of paperwork.

LOTS of talking...mostly talking, while LMNOB played with all of the oodles of fun things to do.

I was surprised at the "screening." I had had it in my mind that LMNOB would be "tested" on various tasks - but rather it was mainly the OT observing LMNOB in her play behavior, my completion of a Sensory Inventory, and establishing history. This was fine with me, though - I don't know that I'm ready to see the glaring symptoms shine at once....this is more subtle and relational, thus more deal-able for me.

It would seem, by my answers on the inventory, and the OT's feedback, that we are definitely on the "issues" area of the sensory spectrum - mild to moderately so - which is good, because it isn't the worst case scenario. There are some adaptive things that teachers, family, friends, daycare folks can help us with, and that's great - but it just means educating them all - which could take a bit of time. God wants me even busier I guess?

The scheduling is going to be the fun part - at least at first. This OT is in Loveland, where I work, but LMNOB's school is in Ft. Collins, where we live. The next appt will be 10:30 on Friday, which means I will drop her off to school, try to do some work from home, pick her up - go to the OT, drop her off and go back to Loveland to finish work! I guess that's why I drive the old run down subaru and not the nicer, but more gas guzzling trailblazer.

Soon, though, Weds. afternoons should come open, which is when I get off early to volunteer - still just as much driving, just less to juggle.

It's just hard to not beat myself up - I mean, I ignored my gut for how long? But, I can't do that, I know.

We go up from here, right?


  1. Glad you are taking steps in the right direction. Remember this all did not happen overnight and all will not be fixed overnight. It is a process of trial and error until you find the right combination. Stop blaming yourself, do the best you can to help your child now! Easy for me to type these words and much harder to put into practice. Blessings!

  2. I do believe that God gives us kids to grow up in our own ways. Just from reading your posts, I can tell you are a smart person that is chomping at the bit - a bit manic in your own right... so much to do! So much to say! Not enough time to type it out! Am I right? Like I said, you can learn from this experience. If LMNOB needs down time, maybe God's nudging you for the same? (Not trying to be pedantic here. I am going through something similar, so I relate.)