Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Some Spring in my Steps

Yes, Mama P - I am feeling better this week.

Sunday I did some sensory stuff with both kids - crab-walking, wheel-barrow walking, and what we used to call "shuttle runs" when I was in elementary school (you know - run 1/4 way across the gym, touch down, turn around and run back, run 1/2 way across the gym, touch down...anyone??) out in the yard.

Punkinhead is a pro at wheel-barrow walking. LMNOB, not so much. Ahhhhh, a spot of body weakness, hmmmm, shall we try to STRENGTHEN it - in turn strengthening other trunk muscles and thereby increasing SENSATIONS in them? Mayhap, indeed.

Yesterday...since it was the LAST grant hearings night, but was also going to be a late night, well, I came into work later to compensate the hours. That elusive thing we women call balance is nice, after all.

Prior to going in, I scrambled to take advantage of a coupon I'd gotten for 1.) a free bra fitting, 2.) free bra, and 3.)free panty from this store - so long as I purchased $25 of stuff. If you look at their bras, you'll see this was a STEAL of a deal. I bought 3 pairs of panties for $27, and got another pair PLUS a $45 bra free! So that was nice - because I love quality undergarments.

When I got into the office, I pulled up my e-mail and started writing some minutes that were long overdue, but neglected due to the grant process. The Boss logged off her computer, and said, "When you're at a stopping point, let me know - I need your help on something." I finished typing my sentence and said, "Ok, what's up?" And next thing I knew, the phones were forwarded to voice mail and we were exiting the building.

We got into her car, and she says, "We are not going to have another sucky week, so we are getting pedicures!" The Boss is seriously my hero!

The next 90 minutes were heaven as the our backs and necks were massaged, feet soaked, exfoliated, massaged and beautified. We talked about LMNOB, the OT work we were doing, and preliminary results. And cute men that we knew. And, did I mention that it was GORGEOUS weather here yesterday??

How could I not have more spring in my step after that?


  1. It would have been nicer if I were there to moan and bitch while being taken care of, but fine, GOOD FOR YOU. I hate you, but am happy for you none the less.

    Seriously, that's what I"m talking about, woman! Be good to you! Kiss your boss for me!

  2. AAAAAAAUUUUUUGHHH! How do I get a job with your boss?????????

    Congrats. It was well-deserved.