Friday, May 4, 2007


Charlie Brown and I are going out of town next Friday.

For a whole night away.

We are in the process of finding a nice, yet affordable hotel in downtown Denver - this may prove to be a challenge.'s fun.

In the meantime, it is FRIDAY!!!!

And no one has to work this weekend. And no one is going riding this weekend. And that is cause for celebration.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Denver... :)

    Let me know if you guys want some great, non-chainy places to go

  2. Oooo, have fun! I forgot to look at the date, did that already happen or is it next weekend?

    My sister and I went out of town this last Friday. We went to see a famous Deaf actor, Bernard Bragg, do a performance and it was so awesome! All of the professional interpreters and everything was very inspirational for me.

    Then we stayed at my cousin's overnight, and that was fun, too.