Sunday, June 24, 2007

Heart to heart

Today in church, LMNOB initiated a deep pressure activity on her own.

This is exactly what BT the OT and I discussed (the self-initiating of activities, not necessarily this scenario about to be described) on Friday.

LMNOB climbed up into my lap (and yes, Mama P is right, my kids are huge - so this was quite a feat, and somewhat awkward having my 6 year old sprawled all over me) and straddled me so that she was hugging me heart to heart. I almost told her to get off of me, that big girls didn't sit all over their mamas - but I thought of her sensory needs, and also of this post about hugging. So I let her sit and hug away.

And boy did she squeeze.

I followed her lead, and began applying deep pressure to her back, shoulder joints, knees, and tailbone.

She moaned, almost inaudibly, that sound of pleasure when something just feels sooooooooooo good.

And I just knew.

Knew that some day she would remember all the things that her Mama did, with love pouring out to her, heart to heart, to keep her the happiest, healthiest little love-bug she could be.

Little Miss - I do love you. So. Much. I love the way you're telling me to roll the newly-purchased 8lb. medicine ball over "my feet, B-U-T-T," :giggle:

How is it that you are old enough to spell things out to me? How are you smart enough to know that your B-U-T-T is different from B-U-T? When did you get old enough to know that your B-U-T-T is something rather intimate, hence the cutesy, pseudo-embarrrassed laghter after you say it?

It's coming up on the 7th anniversary of me finding out about your beginnings in my womb. God, but I was young - hell, I still am young! What was God thinking in giving you to me? Little Miss, you are so precious to me and I hope you know that, particularly when I am not showing it (often - bad Mama!). You are never far from my thoughts, and forever connected to me - heart to heart.


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