Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The kids these days

Tagging everyone...tsk, tsk.

Mama P - here goes nothin'

1. I don't have a lot of long term vis a vis friends. Part of this is attributable to living in a college town, making friends who then move away after they've ca$hed in on their school investment (read: got real jobs), and then me being a HORRIBLE correspondence bud. I do, however, have a slew of online gal-pals whom I've been ramblin' with for..............................................



Yup, we all "met" on a pregnancy board while expecting babes in March, 2001 - Wait, 2001 - 2007 is only 6 years, Hammy. Uhm, yeah, but it took 9 months to get there, go back to 2000! Anyway, peeps can say all they want about the artificial, selective intimacy the web affords us, but I tell ya, these ladies are so much a part of my life they are SUPER friends.

2. I probably won't get braces. Ever. After a lifetime of loathing my chompers, in all their crookedness and overcrowding, I've embraced them. The imperfection of my teeth help me bridge deference and skepticism in the hearts of the poor people I have worked with. The story my teeth tell them is, "She's one of us." And I am. May I never forget that and always try to make things better for those less fortunate.

3. Recently, I made the observation that while I am not an outwardly patient person, I've been really loyal and more than long-suffering in light of certain trends and behaviors from loved ones. That's not meant as a pat on the back so much as it was a change of awareness for me.

4. I think I have the emotional/spiritual equivalent of Sensory Integration Dysfunction, on the hypersensitive side of the spectrum. My feelings are intense, ya'll. I love deeply, but also hurt with the same cavernous depths. I fly when I'm happy, and flounder when despaired.

5. My anality (I hereby decree that a "real" word if it isn't already so) with grammar and spelling peaked in the 4th grade, when I went on a 3 year winning streak for the school spelling bees. Spelling bees were only thru grade 6, but my love for proper linguistic form paid off in school, and countless Scrabble games. Re: vocabulary, I take creative license at all times - language is too fun to be all rules!

6. My siblings are all halfsies, but you'd never know. My brothers and my sister are as much brothers and sister to me as my mama is my mama. Some people with half-sibs always point that out: "My half-sister and I..." WTH? She is your SISTER.

7. I am still fighting with my husband over the same issue we've been arguing over recently. He doesn't get that the underlying theme has been problematic since the inception of our relationship. He, instead, sees me as merely an obstacle to what he wants.

8. I secretly fantasize about going on American Idol someday.


  1. I love your insight about your teeth. Really cool.

  2. I dream of American Idol, too! Though it'd help if I wasn't COMPLETELY tone deaf....

  3. Wow, it has been 7 years already, hasn't it? Wow! I was looking at your pictures of your kids and thinking how much they've grown up!