Monday, July 9, 2007

BOAT is a Four-Letter Word at my House

Above and beyond the literal sense of things - c'mon guys and gals!

Details of how "boat" came to be profane and why are still not for public display, but suffice to say, I'd take the "C" word over it in my presence right now.

Yeah, that bad.

So.....Saturday night was Punkinhead's b'day party - because of scheduling and all that jazz. We had a blast.

After everyone had left, save my IL's b/c they were sleeping here, my bro's hung around because C was about to head in to work (night mgr of a Safeway) and well, we really hadn't had much chance to sit and razz each other like siblings do.

So the three of us are all in the kitchen, like old times, and C goes, "So uhm, a boat, is that like the motorcycle?"

Me: "Yup."

C, all the epitome of sibling justice: "So, he gets all these toys, where are your toys?"

Younger Bro, R, all trying to be suave and sarcastically chauvinistic: "She's got two upstairs."

Me and C: "Bwahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Bwahahahahahahahahahhaha!"

R is now the shade of Herbal Essences' Radiant Ruby - he meant the kids, not my illicit (and completely hypothetical) stash of sex toys.

We of course knew that, C and I, being masters of instant-and oh-so-cavalier-don't-you-just-wish-you-were-so-funny-burn, but, we've always enjoyed R's knack for being able to foul up a joke such that said joke ends up being on him.

What was going to stop that now?

'twas good times...good times, all that was missing was Kay-Kay.

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  1. And I DO wish I could have been there!