Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have to sometimes feel like the 3+ years of Highschool French was worth something! So what if it is only to have blog titles originale?

Despite my downer post yesterday re: love disillusioned, I have to say that our anniversary was actully quite nice. A little weird, given that we've been on a downward trend for a time now, and I'm currently seeing a therapist out of concern for where we are headed, but it was nice and I am always one for giving credit when/where credit is due, fairest of them all that I strive to be.

Charlie Brown stepped up and acted like the oh-so-sweet-but-at-the-same-time-ornery little smart a$$ I fell in love with, oh, some 12 years ago. (28 - 12 = 16 ... 31 -12 = 19) Good grief but we were kids.

First of all, there were cards. His had a little ditty of a poem about cuddling up with blankets, rocking in chairs, and holding hands - together, and it was sweet. I gave him one with my new favorite quote on it and a long note about where I'm at in my head about us. Then I gave him a sac de l'amour, complete with mood music, and nice things for him and for him to see me in. 'nuf said there...

Then...along the banister, he had these (now, say it everyone, "Awwwww!")Post-it Notes trailing up the stairs. The first said, "9 Steps of Charlie Brown and Heather," and each one had a scrawled summary of the year written on it, for example, Year 2 - Marriage is fun and tough at the same time - You're WHAT?!? Here comes LMNOB. I cried, uh, get real, Heather - BAWLED at the sweetness of the gesture, as well as the honesty on some of the other years.

It continued...more hearts were on the mirror with reasons multiple reasons why he loved me.

My personal favorites, that are share-able, that is ;-) :
  • I'm a pain in your a$$ and you still love me
  • Cuz UR my brown-eyed girl
  • U have GREAT hair

After work, we had Wednesday church, and had a nice time. After church, we played with some wiffle balls and a bat at the park, since baseball is now the official Meyer pasttime. It's Punkinhead's fault - the boy is a prodigy!

Love is a battlefield, and we are (moreover; were at the time of our matrimonial union) young, but the tide is turning, and our relationship, that I just last week deemed likely to forever be a losing endeavor, seems to be heading up.

I mean, c'mon, if the Rockies can sweep both NY teams, well, I guess it is true that all things are possible. Like the Rockies, it appears Charlie Brown and I are on again. I have to remember these things so that I can have faith relative to the events around me, eh?
Oh, and we have a DATE! that Charlie Brown planned All! By! Himself! for Saturday evening, at the Rio. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmargaritas :-) Perhaps we'll get to use the sac de l'amour, n'estce pas? :-D


  1. Ca c'est vraiment chouette, cherie! Mmm. enjoy the margaritas! Go Charlie Brown!

  2. La Princesse! I should have known you'd speak the langue de royaute :-D

    Geeky trivia - my sibs and I all took french in highschool, largely because we are above the practical application of learning spanish when Hispanics are the largest growing minority in America, and we used to speak en francais at home to aggravate the hell out of our dear old mom - nice kids, eh?

  3. Congrats on the upswing. I know what it's like to go up and down in all areas of life, so when it's up, it's ON!