Monday, August 6, 2007

Remembering the Shiny Side of Him

I don't want to do this. I read this and want to say, "But, but, but...."

Enough already, Heather! Enough focusing on the negative, time to turn the damn coin over.

Remembering the Shiny Side:

Why I Love You
A wise person I know once said,“The character traits of our loved ones are like coins~ the side we see now may be the dirty and dull side of the coin after years of weathering, but if we turn it back over, the shiny side is still there...Those things we love in our mates are still there, have always been there, we just forget to look at the shiny side.”

So, dear husband, I commit to remembering the shiny side of you.This book is for you to see into my heart and know just why it is I love you. It’s also for me…I will have this book to remind me of the gleaming goodness in you when the daily grind tries to tarnish over it. I will remember just how good we’ve got it together.

For the times when I am aggravated by what appears to be immaturity….
I will remember that you have an eternal youthfulness about you, by which you are filled with hope, idealism, and faith that good and God will prevail. I admire that about you.

For the times I when I wish you would just be serious…

I will remember the ease that your sense of humor provides when we’re in hard
times.I will remember that you desire, more than anything, for people to be
happy, and you strive to achieve that with your fun-loving wit.

For the times when I’m impatient because you are quiet…
I will remember your caring heart, knowing that you are thoughtfully considering whatever it is on your mind, and will trust you to share it with me in your time. I love your tender heart and promise to remember it more.

For the times you are tired and not helping around the house…
I will remember how hard you work for us every day, and count it a blessing to have a man so committed to providing for his family.

For the times when I come home that the house is a wreck and the kids are crazy…
I will remember that you are a wonderful father, who actively plays with his children, and that takes more time and means more to them than a clean house.I love that our children know their father adores them.

For the times I complain I don’t have enough of your time for myself…
I will remember your love for other people, how that attracted me to you in the first place, and that I’m the same way.

But most of all…
I will remember that you are and have always been my best friend, and that has never changed.

I will remember that you are my partner in life and love, sharing my joys and sadnesses, my victories and defeats, my gains and losses, my hopes and struggles, my “all of me.”

And…I will remember that I promised to do the very same for you.

It's so easy to be caught up in the dull drudgeries of life. I just pray we can get back to the shiny side in a manner such that it's our focus, and not just the pep talk I'm trying to kickstart my thinker with here.

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  1. Here's to the shiny side! But why is my word verification sypoo? Not a good reinforcement of your blog!