Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I Don't Get It, Mommy"

LMNOB is truly a blonde who’s bent on the fashionista angle.

Irrelevant aside about why we were in the car during school hours:

Today, I had to pull her from school for a trip to the pediatrician, since last night she was complaining like mad that her girl parts itched.  Given BT the OT’s concerns about yeast, I thought, “Hmm…this could easily connect the dots?”

Turns out, it’s no dice on the yeasties, but was more of the “No Bubble Baths For You!” type visit for her.

Anyway, on the way back to school, LMNOB says, “No one but B said that they liked my outfit today.”  Her pout was audible.  As was the very heavy sigh that followed it.

“But LMNOB, did they just not say anything, or did they say they didn’t like it?”

“They just didn’t saying anything.”  More audible pout.

Maternal sigh…(read: I’m stalling for time – how should I put this…)

“Well, honey, not everyone is as focused on their clothing as you are.  You are very creative and express yourself through your art and your clothing; but other kids have different ways”

“But Mommy, I just don’t get it…It’s not like they’re blind!

Got that?  Anyone with eyes should BE ABLE TO SEE AND RECOGNIZE the greatness of her trendsetting ways.  Heaven help the unobservant man she partners with later in life.


  1. Sophie would have noticed her outfit. Believe me. Then I'd hear how she wanted one the whole way home. Which is why she and LMNOB shall never meet!

  2. Well, duuuuuuhhh! Isn't this how we all feel about blogging? If we write it, people should COMMENT!!