Friday, October 5, 2007

37 hours...

Ya'll are probably sick of this shit too, eh? Well, too bad. You're in it with me, albeit vicariously.

Punkinhead even had a "formed" stool this afternoon for the poop watch.

And yet...

He still had diarrhea this evening. What good is the 24 hour guideline when we seem to go justpast it, to no avail?

LMNOB has been having tummy cramps just before a BM and then diarrhea at least 3 times today on my watch.

I turned the samples into the lab today at 12:30. Then left to help at LMNOB's school for FUN DAY (and oh what a not fun sensory nightmare it was - for me!), which we then left just prior to the end for the reunion with BT the OT. (She'd had to cancel us for a hospital patient 3 wks ago, and then went on a 2 wk vacay. God has heard countless times how we've missed her work over the past 3 weeks!) I VENTED my heart out to BT the OT, about how M-D does not spell "GOD," and she was sayin' "Sing it sistah," at the end.

I, for some unknown reason, had expected a phone call from the doc about lab results - 'cause ya know, a heads up either way would be nice.

I was disappointed.

Me, my kids, and Dr. PediatricianThatWe'

We are so over.


  1. I am sooooo sorry to read about your POOP SAGA!!!! I wish there was something I could do... I will pray. Be sure to update us when the results come back. What a bunch of lamers... I hope everyone is feeling better soon!