Monday, October 8, 2007

Digging Out...

Well...even though we didn't hear back from the lab on Friday, I think we are on the mend now?

(Knocking on my new, DIY hardwood floor - more to come on that adventure)

Punkinhead has been free of the diarrhea since Friday night. LMNOB is still having "soft" stools, but it's not diarrhea.

All righty, that's enough of that crap. Hopefully.

Today, I will begin the monumental task of digging out - a mountain of voicemails, e-mails, and a ginormous to-do list, that must be done by today, awaits at work, since instead of being able to work some from home, I was fighting with MD's over crappy details. Gah, that makes me so mad.

And school...bwahaha? I am so behind.

I really wish I had that nose twitchin' capability that Samantha awed me with as a child. Then I might stand a chance.


  1. Just caught up with your last 3 poopy posts.

    Glad things are solidifying. Good luck getting all caught up.

  2. Glad everyone seems to be feeling better.