Friday, October 12, 2007

In Which My Ramblings Work as a Peer Support Group

Sara, at Suburban Oblivion is currently being featured on BlogHer Headlines for her outspoken post raising awareness about the benefits of antidepressants. How they are not "happy pills," so much as they are "Oh my God I am a functional person again because they brought me back to baseline," pills.

As I read that post, oh, how I related. And even more so as I read the post she had up yesterday.

Depression doesn't just go away. And one of the cruelest things about it is that often the things that happen in the fog become all too clear just as we feel life might be worth living again; after we've stabilized on our meds. Seeing the error of our ways with such clarity does nothing to help our new mental status. At least it didn't for me.

When I first started this blog in 2006, I was about 12 weeks into my antidepressant. We were recovering from some big $ mistakes I'd made while in my apathetic, I wish the real world just stop hasselin' me clearly not clear and utterly befuddled state of mind. Life was starting to become all right again. Then this happened, in which the original scheduling mistake had been made while I had been in the hazy brainfunk known as depression. And then the Boss took action. And I spiraled down into a point of utter desperation, so fragile had been my newfound hope.

It's a dance, this thing called recovery.

Sara, it will get better. Hang in.

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