Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to Denver for School

It ought to be eeenteresting, very eeenteresting, as the prof is a visiting prof from Michigan...the class is Conflict Management...and when a fellow student e-mailed him about a syllabus, the prof bit his head off.

Turns out he ASSumed that the school had made the syllabus available online, and thus this fellow student was an idiot, and should "damn well better know how to access these things without help." So said the e-mail exchange.

The school never posted the syllabus in their site's reorg this summer.


I am loving it, finding a delectable amount of irony in the professor's response and the subject matter of the course.

Because I'm twisted like that.

And my intended to be somewhat snarky response to the prof's e-mail that said, paraphrased, "Here's the syllabus. Yes the first assignment is due at the class in less than a week. Yes it's big. Deal with it. It was not my fault.", was read in a different light than inteded, earning me a "What a positive outlook - that should take you far in life," from the prof. Irony again has earned me brownie points, it would seem?

It will be eenteresting indeed.

Oh, and the other cool thing about this weekend? I get to meet Heather N!!'s only taken 7+ years of internetting.


  1. Hi RHSC,

    Well you've made my blogroll for the title alone!

    Stop by my blog, and if you like what I write, please put me on your blogroll, too.

    That'd be awesome!


  2. Great!

    Oh, I am applying to LCCC (Cheyenne's community college) and UW's nursing programs. I've heard UNC is great, but I love Laramie (I already have a B.S. in another subject from there).

    You know, I absolutely cannot remember how I found your blog. Several days ago I bookmarked it, and this sleepless night I decided to add you to the blogroll. My guess would be "Blog Soldiers," though. Are you in that program? I've found a few good blogs that way . . .