Monday, October 1, 2007

Left for Another...

Yesterday, our pastor resigned.

We were not there because I now had the tummy yuck as did Charlie Brown.

Our "source" came into Charlie Brown's shop today b/c he had car woes. He told Charlie Brown, saying it was another blast against the elders.

We've had a lot of people leaving. A lot of people fighting. And a lot of strife.

It is complicated and maddening. Overall incredibly saddening.

I was close to our pastor, having confided in him some of the ubloggables of my marriage, sharing with him the new revelations I'd arrived at in my walk.

And I will miss him.

I will also support the men in leadership at our church.

The hearts for God in that group are great and mighty.

I just pray for healing. Lest we all fall apart.