Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Betcha Didn't Know...

  • *Y-E-S = No. This is the latest from Punkinhead - and it cracks me up because he thinks he is being just like his big sis who often rolls her eyes and says, "N-O. No," or is bouncing arround, proclaiming an excited, head bobbing, "Y-E-S. YES!" So he's a little confused, and is often touting "Y-E-S. No!"
  • *Some GI bugs are really slow in going away. And it is particularly disturbing when the diarrhea seems to have gone away, only to pop right back up again - making you look like the mother who dropped her sick kids off at daycare because work is so much more important. Even more disturbing? Having your childcare provider call you and say this mysterious GI bug and it's cantankerous hangy-on-ness (yes, I just made that rather sophisticated term up) is quite likely something horrible and freaky called cryptosporidiosis, an infectious disease that is up this year in CO. In the handout she received from the Larimer County Health Dept., it says:
    An unusual feature of cryptosporidiosis is that some people seem to get better only to have the diarrhea come back in a few days. Symptoms can come and go for up to 30 days, but usually subside in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • *Another something I'll betcha didn't know? Crypto (as they like to call it, I'm finding) lives through bleaching regimens. That's one seriously potent little parasitic MoFo! What does kill it? Hydrogen don't clean with your best clothes on. :sigh:
  • *Oh and finally...I have approximately 10 hours left of medical leave until January. And very little vacation time. Fun.

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