Monday, October 22, 2007

Singing My Personal ABC's

Scott, a new reader of my ramblings, tagged me with this meme - here goes.

A - Activist - in my daily actions and longterm goals. I long for action that makes society more loving and inclusive. See C below.

B - Brown eyed and auburn hair has made for many a comment about my autumn coloring

C - Christian believer

D - Doggie owner...and puppy is not in good standing with me. She has a chainlink kennel with a cover, since she began jumping our fence a while back. Today, she was out when I got home - the darn thing has figured her way out of it! grrr...

E - Excited b/c my BFF just told us that they were expecting!!!! :-D It's their first.

F - Frugal I'm glammed up in my second hand GAP tweed skirt, Old Navy deep V cardigan with a lace top cami, beads on the neck, hoops on the ears, and my bargain, high heeled calf-boots - total cost of the whole look? Under $30, and the boots were originally priced at $70 alone!

G - Girlfriend - I love to hang and dish with all my friends, gals and guys alike.

H - Heather, HAM, Hammy, Hoot, Hootie - all my names start with H

I - Initiative...I have a tendency to initiate lots of things, whether apologies, controversies, projects, or a little hubba hubba with Charlie Brown, I like to get things started.

J - Joker...of the very dry, sarcastic variety

K - Kitchen queen - see T

L - Linguistics fanatic...whether it is grammar, spelling, or etymology (I go off on the origins of words all the time at work; The Boss refers to me as the Human Dictionary)

M - Mama...what a double-edged and sharp piercing sword motherhood is. Our hearts are never the same...they bleed with joy and pride at times and others with the most gutwrenching worries for our children

N - [excellent] Notetaker [and transcriptionist] - or so I'm told on the first part...I take minutes for several boards and commissions. Also for class.

O - Open book - what you see (or read) is what you get with me - sometimes this can get me in trouble

P - Procrastinator extraordinaire

Q - Questioner, of people, of faith, of tradition, of authority, of "limitations"

R - Redhead...though auburn is what most people would call my hair - except occasionally for the color-impaired folks who've asked me, re: Punkinhead, "Where did he get his red hair from?"

S - Seeker of truth, see Q

T - Talented, or so people tell me. I have a particular affinity for publications design, writing, planning, organizing, singing, and cooking. Notice that only one of those is a domestic trait.

U - Unaware of my true capacities for stress - though I would like to say, "Lord, sometimes I wish You didn't think so much of me!"

V - Vulnerable to self-doubt, guilt, and depression

W - Wife to Charlie Brown

X - [often] X-asperated, see W, add in LMNOB's sensory processing disorder, and my life of chaos in general

Y - Young[ish - still hanging on to the 20's for another year and a half or so]

Z - Zany - I am a bit crazy at times, but what's life without some zest, eh?


  1. Wow...that looked! But well-done!

  2. I have absolutely no idea how I ended up here! lol Followed a link or two, and here you were. But I enjoyed it.