Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm diggin' on this new breed of tattle-tale

This morning, buttering toast, I heard Punkinhead, through the fog of non-caffeination:

"Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama..."

I believe I told him to hold on, that Mama's brain was not yet up to multi-tasking par and couldn't possibly comprehend the words of someone else whilst lubricating the multigrain goodness they were about to partake.

Or, maybe I just thought that. Whatever. Whether I made any kind of response, intelligible or more resembling that of a Neanderthal, my dear son pressed on.

You see, he was telling on sister - and that can never wait.

"Mama, LMNOB...."

Oh no, not tattling this early...

"is being a wreal gud gwrill dis mohning," and then he fluttered his lashes and flashed me a beguiling grin.

Such sweetness blasted the fog away and made me realize that he was capitalizing on a lesson we'd recently taught the kids - "Sometimes you have to look for the good in life."

I praised him for being so thoughtful and then reinforced that yes, LMNOB had been a really good girl this morning.

Life is good when you look for the good within.


  1. wish your kids could play with my older ones - they obviously have far more maturity than my 3 twenty-plus or my two teens --- still have hope for my preteens!

  2. Well that's just precious!
    Came to you from cre8buzz.
    Amazing the lessons afforded to us, when we choose to see them.