Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks So Much for the Distinction, Love

Per my post on Wednesday, I have a few cute stories to tell on LMNOB.

The first, and easiest to retell, is an important lesson in particulars.

As LMNOB and I were packing Wednesday, I was folding a couple pair of my favorito panties, LMNOB gets this Beavis and Butthead/incredulous/ridiculously comedic giggle going and says,

"Whoa! What are THOSE?" Heehehehehehehehe....

"Those, are my panties." We'd just packed hers.

"But Mooooooooooom! They're Heeeeeeewwwwwwge!" followed by maniacal (I'm talking a psychotic break with reality kind of madwoman laughter) howling.

It was nothing short of humbling.

In a small, but ever practical voice, I replied, "Well, honey, Mama is rather huge."

"Awww mom, no you're not.."

Wow, what a sweetheart trying to assuage my bruised ego....oh, wait, she's still talking

"...but your butt is!!" Heheheheheheeehheeeheeehhee..........ahhh, clarification.

Apparently this qualifying statement was hilarious to her as she guffawed endlessly, flopping about the mountains of laundry on my bed.

So J. Lo, just so ya know, this is what you have to look forward to. One day that asset of yours that everyone wanted to tap into will become a neverending source of humor to your children.
[insert eyeroll, shrug of shoulders, and sigh here]
Kids...they see what they wanna see, huh?

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