Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

Some people think New Year's Eve is an overrated holiday.

And for the most part, I'd agree that it is a silly, don't-you-wish-you-lived-in-New-York, overpriced, and overglitzed, get drunk-fest anymore.

But whacky American culture aside, I rather like what New Year's Eve is to me.

First off, it is an anniversary of a significant event in my life.

Charlie Brown proposed to me on New Year's Eve, some 10 years ago. (Yes, I was all of 18)

I will never forget that night.

I'd been hanging out at his apartment that day (holiday break - dorms were closed) while he was at work. I knew that we were going to go out with a couple we were friends with - who'd just gotten back from their honeymoon - but that was about it.

When he got home, he had a rose for me, and I of course thought it was sooooo sweet.

He asked me, "Where do you want to go?"

"How about Bennigans?" I suggested.

He raised his eyebrows and said, "Sure you don't want to go someplace nicer?"

"Nah, I've been thinking about hot wings all day. Mmmmmmm."

A dubious Charlie Brown said, "Okaaaay."

We left to pick up our friends, and they asked, "Where're we going?"

"Bennigans," I reported.

Heather (yes, we had the same name) goes, "Really? You're not going someplace nicer?"

I, clueless, said, "Sheesh, what is up with you people. You tell me to pick the place, I do, and then you don't like it?"

Charlie Brown said, "No, no, it's fine. Let's go to Bennigans."

So we went to Bennigans. And then we were seated.

We asked our friends about the honeymoon trip and how it felt to have a week of marriage under their belts. Charlie Brown started asking them how long they had dated before they got engaged (we only knew them as an engaged, then married, couple) - and we were surprised to find out they'd only dated for a matter of weeks before J popped the question.

"What about you guys - how long have you been dating?"

Charlie Brown and I answered simultaneously, "Just over 2 years."

"Well, do you ever think about it? Getting married?" J prompted.

We had had a fleeting conversation about the future and what ifs the New Year's Eve the year before - on the phone, while I was babysitting my siblings - and prohibited from having visitors. But ifs and whens were left in the air.

Charlie Brown and I recounted this conversation to our friends, he and I giving a play by play in an animated volley of "Then I said....,"s.

I was so engrossed in telling this story that I didn't even seen Charlie Brown get out of his seat and onto his knee.

Towards the end of this account, I heard Charlie Brown say, "And then I said, 'Heather, will you marry me and spend your life with me?'"

I looked over, to say "No you didn't!" and stopped short - he was on his knee, with a ring. He hadn't asked me last year, but he was asking me now!

"Oh my GOD!! Yes!" I shrieked. And there was kissing and giggling and excitement from there.

So, yeah, New Year's Eve is always a fun memory because of that.

Secondary to the sentimental value of the night is that it has become a night of fun, friends and family for us. It is not uncommon for casa del Meyer to be brimming full of friends and family, playing games, hanging out and eating good food.

Which is what we'll be doing tonight.

Happy New Year, all!


  1. That is awesome girl :) Happy New Year!

  2. That is awesome! Proposed to in Bennigans, eh? That is cool how he surpised you.