Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Here are your props, to be shared with the blogosphere:

You have been such a blessing to me this month. In a season where many couples get cranky and petty with each other, you have steadied me and kept my head above water. You have added color and humor to my world in times of constant and busy blurs.


At my work division's Christmas party (a lovely night of dinner theatre with the highly entertaining and visually pleasing Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) when they did the popularity contest, (i.e., the top three employees of the year for the division, one of whom was totally a queen bee) and my name was not listed, you loudly (well, loudly to those within earshot) proclaimed,

"That's ok, I will make her her own plaque, and it will say,

"My girl not only did a kick ass job as a full-time City employee, coordinating three, count 'em, three, monumental and interdepartmental efforts through which the City has come out as the good guy, helping the homeless; but she also went to graduate school.

Full time.

And took care of me and our kids.

She's Superwoman, ya'll."

Awwww.......Isn't that the sweetest?

And then, after my stint of sweating blood for a paper, I worried about it being the best that it could be, and you said, without batting an eye:

"Honey, you were a part of it and that alone will mean that it will be impeccable."

Now, Charlie Brown, I am in no way accusing you of being a caveman, but impeccable is not in your everyday vocab - I have only heard you use the term in the context of superior hot rods, and to know that you put your confidence in me at that rank, well, it was very comforting.

Finally, the other night when we arrived at your parents' house, your mom said,

"Heather, I still haven't gotten that picture from you that we took at Thanksgiving. You said you would e-mail it to me."

And before I could answer, you jumped in as my white knight, "Mom, after the month she's had, I'm just glad she is still alive. She's been through an amazingly stressful time with school and work, let alone all of the holiday stuff. We didn't even do Christmas cards. You'll get the picture, ok?"

And my heart just melted.

You get me.

You love me.

You admire me.

And I just hope you know that this kind of reassuring solidarity is why I get you, love you, and admire you, because truth be told, I don't know if I would have been so patient with me if I had been you.


  1. That is an awesome post... just made me SMILE SMILE SMILE! Way to go Blockhead!

  2. Go Charlie Brown! Merry Christmas, y'all, glad you made it to Craig safe and sound.